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Estate & Trust Tax Preparation in Concord, NH

Estate and trust tax preparation are probably the most important aspects of your financial management. Estate and trust tax preparation helps to preserve, protect, and enhance your financial legacy. Effective planning facilitates the orderly transfer of assets to your beneficiaries, can minimize tax penalties on the transfer of assets, and most importantly, provide security for your surviving loved ones.

We can bring you and your loved ones experience and compassion to the area of postmortem tax planning. As your tax advisor to a trust or an estate, we will provide you with timely advice as to when, how and to whom income and principle should be distributed.

Year-end tax planning can do more for you than simply focus on income taxes. At Lifetime Tax and Accounting PLLC our tax advisers believe a thorough year-end tax assessment should include reviewing your estate plan and estate tax situation as well. Our expertise and experience in estate planning offers you an array of services.

  • Wealth preservation strategies

  • Assistance in charitable contributions and charitable remainder trusts

  • Reduction of estate taxes

  • Administration of finances, should you become incapacitated

Whether you're looking for a brief review of an existing trust agreement or assistance with thorough estate planning, we are here for you. We work as a team with you and other professionals such as attorneys, charities, and financial planners. When you think of year-end tax planning, remember to sit down with one of our tax consultants to review your estate tax plan. Speak to a tax consultant today!

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