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Financial and Personal Tax Planning in Concord, NH

Are you looking for personal financial planning assistance in New Hampshire? You're right where you should be. At Lifetime Tax and Accounting PLLC, our financial planners deliver services that are designed to help our clients reach and maintain their personal financial goals. We help people from all walks of life develop plans that target specific needs, including education, estate, retirement, cash flow and investments. It's our goal to help each of our clients succeed and become well informed about their financial situations.

Estate Planning
Succession and Retirement Planning
Insurance Risk and Assessments
College Education Funds
Investment Planning
Asset Allocation

Our Financial Planning Services Include:

Free PDF to Help Your Financial Planning

No matter what your needs are, planning for the future is important, and your CPA financial planner can help. It’s good to have a realistic picture of your finances, your goals, and what you might be overlooking. Start now by filling out this personal finance scorecard.

How to use the Scorecard:

Review each question carefully. If you answer “yes” give yourself one point If you answer “no” or are in doubt, give yourself a 0 so that you can identify areas for improvement. At the end of each category, work with your CPA financial planner to determine what steps to take next to help improve your score.


Consider reviewing the scorecard on an annual basis to see progress and new areas that may need revisiting based on changes in your life.

Personal finance score card PDF cover

Just because your taxes are due April 15 each year doesn't mean you shouldn't be well prepared ahead of time. Tax credits and laws are constantly changing, making it virtually impossible to keep up with on your own. With proper preparation, you'll save money in the long-run by minimizing your tax liabilities while avoiding penalties from non-compliance or underpayment.

At Lifetime Tax and Accounting PLLC, we offer personal tax planning services that can be customized to meet your unique needs. We'll review your assets and liabilities to assess what new credits or laws will affect you for the upcoming tax season. We also offer tax reviews for prior years to determine if any deductions or credits were missed, so you can amend your previous returns if necessary.

Personal Tax Planning

Prior Year Tax Return Preparation and Amendments
Electronic Filing
Tax Consultation Services
IRS Representation
Individual Tax Preparation
Estate & Trust Preparation

To learn how our personal tax planning services can help you, contact us today at (603) 230-2404. We're conveniently located in Concord, NH, and easily reachable from  all of southern and central New Hampshire.

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